My Plans For A Fun 2013!


erica laurenI always get excited by a new year with another chance at a fresh start! Well, maybe it’s not so much about a “fresh start” as a renewed enthusiasm for life. After reviewing the previous year’s accomplishments, highlights and what I realized is missing, it gets me to write things down to make things happen. We are all multi-faceted, so I look at my goals in the realms of health, career, fun and relationships. I’ll share with you one of my goals right now (and possibly more to come in later blogs, as I seem to be a “work in progress!” Lol!). For the first, and as I’m planning now, the only time, I will be (as the ladies put it) on tour this year. Over the years, I’ve had numerous requests, and this is the year I’m finally going to visit several major cities with the intent of spending time with some of you! It’s going to be super fun and I can’t wait!:) My first trip will be to NYC and tentatively my dates are from March 15 thru March 22. If you’d like to make an appointment, please send an email to


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